100 Mile Virtual Challenge

2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of the San Francisco Giant Race. We are celebrating this milestone by challenging YOU to run 100 miles this year. Sign up to be a part of the challenge, log your miles, and receive a GIANT medal to showcase your accomplishment.



Step 1: REGISTER for the 100 Mile Virtual Challenge

Step 2: Join the Giant Race Strava Run Club*

Step 3: Run/Walk/Jog & record your distance on the Strava page*

Step 4:  Run 100 miles before the All Star Break (July 8th – 10th) — don’t worry, you don’t need to run all 100 at once!

Step 5: Receive said GIANT medal in the mail — Medals will be mailed out during the All Star Break and will likely appear on your doorstep a week or two after.

Step 6: Kick your feet up & relax (until September 8th of course).

*Joining Strava is not required, BUT if you do log your miles via the Giant Race Run Club on Strava, you will get your name on the videoboard during the San Francisco Giant Race Health & Wellness Weekend.

**PLEASE NOTE: You can earn these miles anywhere — other races, Giant Races, racing to work, etc.