For The Love Of Racing

Shaylen Pearson

Why do we race?  It seems like such a simple question but the answer can be so complex.  If I asked ten different people this question, everyone’s answer would almost certainly be different.  Some people may be racing for themselves, some for a loved one that can’t participate for one reason or another, and some to support a cause.  Some love the competition and want to be the best, while others just love being around so many people with a common interest and goal.  There are many reasons why, but one thing is for sure, we love to race.

Why do I race?  I race for many reasons.  I love the adrenaline and emotion, the competition and the camaraderie, the challenge and the victory.

I race because I love to push myself and see what I’m capable of, to be better than who I used to be.  There’s so many people that stop themselves because they think something is impossible but in reality, nothing is impossible.  If you work for it and want it bad enough, you can make it happen.  Through my many years of racing and training, I’ve come a long way; I do things today that five years ago I never even imagined trying.  Reaching new limits and getting faster and stronger every day is an amazing feeling that I hope everyone at some point gets to feel because once you get a small taste of it, you’ll want more and more.  I don’t need to be better, faster or stronger than everyone else on the course, I just need to be better, faster and stronger than who I was yesterday.

I race because I love meeting so many different types of people that all have at least one thing in common with me that brings us all together, racing!  I’ve met some of the nicest, most generous and caring people at races.  There is always someone willing to stop and help you up if you fall or help motivate and encourage you if you slow down.  Everyone wants to help everyone else succeed and reach the ultimate end goal we all set out to reach and that’s an amazing thing.  Your racing family becomes just that, a family!  They may not always be around in your day to day life, but if needed, they will be there to help you along.

Most of all, I race for the fun of racing!  There’s an undeniable energy and excitement that comes with being at the start line of a race.  As you are waiting for the signal to go with hundreds or thousands of other people, you can’t help but think about what’s lying ahead; the challenges, the ups and downs, the personal triumphs and victories that are going to happen on the course, the smiles of family and friends competing together and finally, the ultimate sense of accomplishment of crossing the finish line.

Racing brings us all together but we all have our own reasons of why we are out there.  At your next race, give someone a high five or a little extra encouragement.  Maybe take a selfie or two with the people standing around you at the start line!  No matter the reasons for why you are out there, don’t forget to have fun!

So, why do you race?

– Shaylen Pearson, @shay225b
The Starting Nine

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