Virtual Runners

You may be running virtually, but your awards & bragging rights are very real…

The Giant Race Virtual Running opportunity allows you to participate in the Scottsdale Giant Race remotely!

Man taking a selfie with runners in the background

Virtual Running? What’s that?

The virtual running opportunity allows Giant Racers to run the event remotely & still receive your medal, shirt, and any other race goodies the event provides in the mail 1 – 3 weeks AFTER the event.

What do I have to do to earn my finisher medal, bragging rights, awards, etc.?

Sign up for any Virtual race distance you want via our registration page & go for a run on race day wherever you may be. Snap a photo of yourself on your run and post it to any social media account you may have with the hashtag #GiantRace (also tag us! @giantrace). Your well-deserved Giant Race swag will be mailed to you 1 – 3 weeks AFTER the event day.

Will running virtually still make me eligible for the Giant Race Series Awards? (Turn Two, Three Bagger & Series Sweep awards)

Yes! All awards will be handed out during The San Francisco Giant Race Weekend, September 6 – 8. If you choose to run the San Francisco Giant Race virtually, you will receive your awards in the mail AFTER the event. *Awards & other race goodies will only be mailed domestically unless special arrangements are made. 

Women Running with headphones in

Who can sign up to run virtually?

Anyone is eligible to sign up for any virtual distance offered. *Awards & other race goodies will only be mailed domestically unless special arrangements are made.

Can I still receive an Age Group Award if I’ve earned it based on how fast I complete my course (wherever in the world I may be)?

No; Age Group Awards will only be awarded to those who’ve earned them at the event. 

I’ve signed up to run the Giant Race in person, but something’s come up–can I run virtually instead?

Yes. Switch your race to the Virtual Run distance of your choice by managing your registration

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I’ve signed up to run virtually, but I’ve decided I want to come to the event and run with the other Giant Racers instead. Can I?

Yes, but you must complete the switch PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 28th. Online Registration closes on FEBRUARY 28th & we will not be able to switch your race after that date. Switch your race to the distance of your choice prior to February 28th by managing your registration.