Josh R: Two Time Giant Race Ambassador - The Giant Race

Josh R: Two Time Giant Race Ambassador

By Josh Robinson

What it is the best thing about being a two-time Giant Race Ambassador, you ask? OOOO my mind swirls with a handful of experiences to choose from.

Could it be…

  • Free access to the VIP Area before the San Francisco Race. (By the way totally worth it! You should really consider it!) I am a sucker for food and drinks and the private bathrooms on race day are a treat!
  • Maybe it’s experiencing batting practice on the field before Runner’s Night. Brandon Crawford, Hunter Pence, Bruce Bochy, and Barry Bonds last year! I mean C’mon that is quite the moment for any Giants Fan.
  • Or…is it all the shout outs from Giants Race social media. I do love my social media!

Okay I am grateful for all that, but still not it! The answer is something so much deeper and lasting.

The answer is YOUYOU are the best part of being an ambassador! I have met incredible people doing incredible things in our World! Relationships that would have never been if not for this race series.

Yes, runners usually meet other runners. But the Giant Race is special in that we also share our love and loyalty for our beloved team. There is so much heart when those two things collide. This community is bigger than running. We together become an extension of the organization we have to come in believe in. This race is our race. Together we are Giant!

I believe we are stronger together.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”



The Boco Hat collector himself. One of the friendliest and most supportive people I’ve ever known.


He is a racing machine this year, supplying endless motivation.

I am honored to watch his journey unfold.


Badass warrior! Someone who never gives up and has enough heart to fill an entire stadium!

Her energy so contagious.


Always active, always working hard, and can always be found at a Giant Race. Boomer Sooner!


Dedicated to his journey and killing it one race at a time!

Thank you for all the inspiration!


Part of Team Pina. She’s always creating meet-ups for races and so supportive of others.

One of the biggest hearts!


Running races and having fun! She is always up for the challenge!

He is everywhere and everywhere he is, he is running!

Thank you to each and everyone one that has joined in on this race series.

Thank you for all the support, inspiration, for sharing your hearts and stories, connecting on social media, saying hi at races, for all the selfies, and for reminding me I am not alone.

You have made it what it is! Without you there is no Giant Race!

I believe in the Giants. The Giant Race. And I Believe in YOU.

Go Giants!

A special shout out to @janeruns26.2 a very dear friend who encouraged me to apply for the ambassadorship and believed in me. We all need a friend like that!

As she would say, “It takes a Village.”