Race Day Info


5:00am Gear Check Opens
5:00am Start line Staging Area Opens
6:00am Start line Warm Ups & PA Announcements
6:15am Pace Groups Assemble in the Start line Staging Area
7:00am Half Marathon and 10K Start
10:50am 5K Start
2:00pm Event concludes

Downloadable: Race Day Instructions


Oracle Park will be open for friends and family to watch you finish starting at 7:00am.  Seating will be available in the lower concourse and outfield bleachers. Entry/exit into Oracle Park is available via the Willie Mays Plaza entrance. No spectators will be allowed on the field.


Starting at 5:00am all participants will be offered the opportunity to check gear on Terry Francois Boulevard near Parking Lot A at Oracle Park. Gear may consist of your small personal items and articles of warm up clothing. Please note that Gear will not re-locate, i.e. sweat drop off and pick up will be in the same location. Due to space constraints inside Oracle Park, we will not be able to distribute gear at the finish line. Please plan accordingly.  Access additional information HERE.


We ask that you find the proper starting corral (based on your expected pace time). To gain entrance to the appropriate pace corral, Half/10k participants must wear the wristband assigned  based on the pace chosen during registration. Half/10K runners must be in place by 7:00am. All runners in the 5k must be in place by 10:45am. Pace corrals will be marked when you arrive on race day. Pace corrals help ensure all runners have their desired race experience, alleviating congestion along the course. Please be courteous of those running with you and use the appropriate pace corral. Should you start after these times, we welcome you to enjoy the race, but you will not receive an official race time.


After your exciting finish inside the park, please take a quick moment to catch your breath, and then continue through the finish area to warm down and grab a refreshment. We’ve got lots of runners coming through the finish area this year, so we want to give everyone equal chance to have a traffic free finish. We’ll hand you water immediately, and then you’ll have a chance to hang out on the field for a few minutes while grabbing a snack and before meeting your family in the stands. Please note that no family members will be allowed on the field.


All official ballpark lots (Lot A, Lot C and Pier 48) are ONLY reserved for pre-paid passes. No cash will be accepted onsite on race day. This is an effort to improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion on the morning of race day. If you did not purchase a Pre-Paid Parking Pass while registering, you may add one to your registration HERE.

Public Transit: we encourage you to take public transit, because as you know, we are not the Texas Rangers and there are no empty fields of grass next to our stadium. MUNI runs early, and taxicabs/uber are always awake.


If you’re looking for Saturday’s Kids Race/Family Relay info, click HERE.